Thursday, October 31, 2013

Some blogging thoughts

- 1. -

I was having a really weird blogging freak out for a while.  It's really dangerous to read about blogs other people like and don't like.  For instance, when someone says they don't really like, "everything blogs" but prefer "specialized blogs" like fashion, food, lifestyle, parenting, exercise, etc.  Or when people begin sharing their opinions about "real life blogs" versus "beautiful" or "sugar coated" blogs, I think every blogger suddenly has a freak out ... or at least a partial freakout.

- 2. -

I always loved the idea of having a theme behind one's blog.  Who doesn't like the movie "Julie & Julia," and Julia's motivation to blog about her cooking adventures?  Or what about 300 Sandwiches in which the author records her challenge of making 300 amazing sandwiches for her boyfriend so he'll propose to her? (Real story, check it out.)

- 3. -

But after realizing that I have no talent, patience, or even enthusiasm for really any one thing over another that would motivate me to keep a specialized blog, I've had to embrace that this here is an any and everything blog with probably a little bit too much of nothing-in-particular.

And as to real life vs. sugar coated ... well, I'm naturally more optimistic, so I'm afraid this blog might have a little too much of a sugary aftertaste for some readers out there.  I mean, we're calling ourselves romantics, for goodness sakes.

- 4. -

A few months ago, I read yet another "How to be successful at blogging" post by someone who's ... well ... successful, and read yet again the tip that "you should really buy your own domain name and drop the blogspot or wordpress.  It's just baggage."  I blame it on the fact that:

a. Jacob was gone
b. it was really late
c. I was bored
d. Sebastian was asleep (see b.)
and e. at that moment I was convinced that "yes! I want a successful blog!"

So I went to and bought me a domain.  Then I spent a few frustrating hours trying to figure out how to make the domain work and well ... I failed.

- 5. -

Then Jacob came home and when I told him what I did and how I couldn't get it working, he patted his wife on the head and informed me that he thought we'd have to dish out a whole lot more money than the $10.99 that the domain cost in order for a data package of sorts*.  So I felt both stupid and defeated and figured I just wasted $10.99 and I wasn't about to dish out more mulah and didn't think about it again until I saw ...

- 6. -

Cutest post-partum momma, Katrina, over at Cedars & Tiny Flowers, celebrate her blog's 1st anniversary and announce that she had gone all dot com on us.

I was thiiiiiiiiiiis close to emailing her and saying "How are you doing that?  It was supposed to be so easy but it's not, right?" when I decided to try to find a DIY tutorial one last time.  I googled something like "i bought a domain name for my blog now what??????" and lo' and behold I found this super awesome tutorial by Dana at The Wonder Forest.

Within about half an hour I successfully activated  Bye bye ""

Am I now a serious blogger?  Nope.  But I do have a dot com.  That makes me cool.

- 7. -

Finally, I was just thinking about all these people who I wish would blog more (or just blog. Period. and add a post to their first and only post), but they're probably all a little bit the happier for not blogging as much and, oh, I don't know, living their lives.  But they are (in no particular order):

Lauren at Magnify the Lord With Me
Anna at Life and Times of Mrs. F
Molly at Love is Coming Home
Beth at Phenomenal Adventures
Amelia at We Fly Unto Thee
Kimmie at La Vie en Rose
Mary Brigid at A Thing of Beauty

And these aren't even all of them, but they're a few beautiful people who I miss and with whom I would love to close that gap a bit via blog posts (among other things).

(And I'm throwing in a picture because I don't like naked posts ... have I mentioned yet that the S man started crawling this week?  Didn't think so.)

Thank you, Jen, for hosting yet again this week's Seven Quick Takes.

*FYI: It really is very inexpensive to buy a domain.  The costs that Jacob had referred to are we found out if you were to buy a "host" other than a free host such as Blogger. 


  1. Linking my domain name to my blog was such a problem. I did it once and I never want to have to do it again! :P And I also like the idea of blogs with a theme but I'm pretty well convinced that that's not the type of blog I would ever want to have. I like writing about random stuff too much!

  2. OH my goodness, I've been reading the same things and having the exact same freak out! If it's any consolation, I LOVE everything you post and I don't care that it's not focused on one thing :-) I totally come check out your blog all the time hoping you've posted something new.

    Also, I'm considering purchasing a domain name as well. Hopefully it's not too bad once I do haha.

    1. Rachel, for one thing so glad you enjoy reading ze blog (you're a glutton for punishment I see) but secondly best of luck with the domain. My sister uses Wordpress and I tried to find a tutorial for her but couldn't. But I know there's got to be one out there. It took me a while to find the one above.

  3. I used to have a domain too - with blogspot. I only spent that $10.99 too. I also used to make templates for people....eons ago. I liked making templates I think more than blogging. I spent more time changing my scenery than blogging!
    He's CRAWLING alREADY? Goodness gracious me!


    1. I'm wondering if this little guy's going to be walking at 7 months like his mom. Help!

  4. I always feel like such a creep when I comment on blogs, but I found your blog through someone else's. Isn't that how it usually works? Sorry, I digress... I just wanted to say I really appreciate your "any and everything" blog. We have many things in common ( stay at home mommy to cute little boys, and husbands who are working hard on their PhDs) and it makes me feel like I'm not alone on this crazy ride. So thank you!

    1. Amanda, first off know that rather than being creepy, comments are bloggers' love language. Seriously. Thank you for letting me know you're here reading and that you appreciate it. That means a lot. Secondly, I am so glad to have gotten to know other women who are in the same boat with the student-husbands. Strength in numbers, right? Thanks again for stopping by! It means a lot.

  5. Yaaaay, crawling! I love how I sound so rogue.

    We are twins ... I don't think I could have a themed blog.

    Happy .com, Romancing Reilly!

  6. I've thought about going .com just to "claim it" before something else did. But I also thought it would be a recurring monthly expense.

    And to heck with themes. I mean, I get it, if that's the route you want to go. But I kind of feel that there are two routes to blogging. Go all out and professional, or just do it for yourself and write about what you want. I originally imagined mine as some kind of ode to Southern Living but obviously I couldn't keep that up.