Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Ten Days Relived

Jacob was able to participate in the University of Dallas' semester abroad program.  Due to many factors (being a transfer, trying to graduate on time, etc.) I did not participate in the program during my time in undergraduate, so when Jacob's fall break rolled around (which is also known as "Ten Day") I took vacation time and flew over to Europe to experience it with him.  It was my first and only (so far) time to Europe and it was amazing.

This October marks three years since the trip, and Jacob and I still often reminisce about it.  So before October slips away through my fingers, I wanted to share some photos with you from the trip.

We began our ten day European tour in Rome.  Although Jacob had already spent most of the semester in the Eternal City, since I had never been and he wanted to give me at least 24 hours to see the city's highlights.

From Rome we headed North.  We passed through Milan where we walked around for a short while before taking the train to Lucerne, Switzerland.  I have never seen such beauty as that of Switzerland.  Even though it was overcast for most of our stay there, even the low lying clouds could not diminish the beauty's vibrance.

After Lucerne, we made a short stop in Frankfurt.  We were able to spend most of the afternoon seeing the city and eating bratwursts drinking beer.  (I confess that it was this trip that made me really appreciate beer.  How could one not?!)

After Frankfurt, we continued Northwards to Belgium, where we stayed in Brussels -- the city of chocolate, lace, beer, and all things beautiful.  Jacob and I left the city convinced we must somehow live there.  We're still working on that.

We were also able to visit the city of Bruge.  It's apparently where Europeans go to vacation.  It was like the Venice of Brussels and once again -- absolutely stunning.

Finally, before returning to Rome, we stopped in Munich where we met up with other UD students and of course clinked our steins at the Haufbrauhaus.  It was so wonderful to walk around Munich, especially since my mother attended three of her four college years there.

All in all, it was beautiful and I cannot wait to back.  Thanks for letting me reminisce.


  1. You are making me miss Europe so bad! I studied abroad in Florence for a semester and traveled to most of the places you just listed. I spent a Thanksgiving in Bruge and loved Munich (best beer and happiest people). Love your pictures :-)

    1. In Florence?! Swoon! And I agree about Munich -- it totally turned my preconceived notions of Germans upside down. I loved it.

  2. Are u guys still in the Dallas area? I didn't know, or else I would have asked for a blogger meet up! I just got back today from an interview at children's medical center. What an amazing hospital!

  3. Ps love the pictures!
    I miss Europe too :(

  4. It is true, nothing beats Lucerne. I was there for 10 days on a mission trip a few years ago, and I have never seen a landscape more breathtakingly beautiful.