Monday, November 4, 2013

Family time is Survival time

Time together for any family is precious, and I know that every job and every marriage has its difficulties and certainly some are more so than others.  But lately I've been feeling as if Jacob's job of being a student has been particularly difficult for us.  Jacob is now in the most intense month of the semester with papers and projects on top of the already seemingly endless reading.  I struggle with feeling as if my husband is a fleeting phantom who crawls into bed at 2am, only too soon to kiss us goodbye a few hours later as he goes to back to his studies.  Weekday or weekend -- it doesn't matter.  There is no 9-5 for the student.  During the semester there are no defined lines and times of when work is over.  There is always more work to be done.

But on Friday Jacob messaged me saying that on Saturday afternoon we were going to have a family picnic, and we did.  And it was lovely.  The weather was beyond beautiful, and we were together.  It was much needed together time to help us prepare for the coming few weeks where I might be seeing my husband even less ... if that's possible.  And of course I forced my brother to take pictures, so now you are sabotaged with visual proof.  Family time was had.

Hope your weather was as beautiful as ours.  I'm so glad we took advantage of it since we are now under a cold, drizzly cloud of grey forecasted to hang around for the remainder of the week.


  1. Oh gosh. Keep plugging along girl. We're in one of those times right now too. Between conferences and exams and side projects and his prospectus defense (!), Jon is a bit MIA as well. I feel as if there is always a book in his hand. I'm so glad you got a bit of a break to really relax and enjoy some time together. It is so important! Best of luck with the coming weeks! We'll see this semester's "end" right before Thanksgiving (with this week being one of the worst) and I may or may not be counting the days.

  2. Hang in there! I felt like this all summer when Frank was studying for the bar (and those were our first few months of marriage, yikes!) but there IS a light at the end of the tunnel! Just keep yourself busy and, like Kate said, cherish those breaks when they do come along. You can do it!

    On another note, Sebastian is such a cute little tyke! These pictures of you guys are great. :)

  3. Oooooooooh that last photo just warms my heart! Frame it.

    Good luck with the next few weeks!

  4. SOOOOOOO hard. Will next semester be easier??? Beautiful pictures and beautiful day! Love that Stephen was there too!

  5. The composition of that wine glass picture is stunning.
    You guys are such a beautiful family! And Stephen looks like a college kid! When did that happen!? haha!