Thursday, December 19, 2013

I am interrupting this silence for a very special announcement:

Jacob has finished the semester!
The semester has ended!
The semester from hell is over!
Jacob is home again!


And this is how I'm feeling:

After a total of only 12 hours of sleep since Saturday (SATURDAY), he finally finished his absolutely, really, final, last paper this morning at 4 o'clock (and is still sleeping as I type this which means as the time approaches 1PM.

Can I even tell you how amazing it is to have him home, sleeping, and not have to wake up his exhausted self and push him into the shower and get him out the door???  He can sleep all of today away and I don't care.  He's here.  Home.  Done.

They say this first year (and first semester) of the program is the most intense.  I pray to God they're right. But after making it through this semester, we know they're right.  We already know next semester will be better.

Sebastian is waking up so I run (or leap) to go get him.

Jacob's home!

Ta ta!


  1. yay! So happy for you that you get your husband back :-)

  2. Hurray!!! So happy for you guys!

  3. Woohoo!! Hope you're enjoying this time as much as I am =)

  4. Oh, I hope there will be so much merriment in celebration! I think this calls for a cocktail!

  5. PRAISE GOD!!!! (And that is SO beautiful! I watched it several times!)

  6. Well now. Congratulations! Have a MERRY and Blessed Christmas!